Alison Answers~Mission Awake
Alison Answers~Mission Awake
Alison Lager

I'm creating a place for women to change their lives for real!

A Therapeutic Women's Movement destined to empower women to create the life they want.

About Me

Hey Hey Hey I am so grateful to be here!  A little about me, I am an entrepreneur, psychotherapist, mom, wife and bad ass personal development expert that believes that every person on this earth is a snow flake.  A unique, valuable and vibrant being meant to share their lives with enthusiasm and the greatness that is deep within them.  I have an unending drive to WAKE UP as many people as I can while I am alive. We have been taught to dull down, dumb down, take what comes, do what others do, ignore our inner spark... what kind of actual bullshit is this?  We were born for more than this.  We were not meant to live a life that was created and handed down to us by others, by society, by the "norm".  Telling about me basically says... I am here to help you find all the blocks to your greatness.  Thats me.

Why You Should Join Me

Joining this group is joining a mission.  It is committing to excellence and well being and spreading that to as many people as you happen to touch each day.  It is real life change.  it is a place to create instead of adjust 

A Big Thanks

I am so grateful to each and every person who has supported this mission.  Your dedication to your own growth is outstanding.  It is your willingness to redesign your life that makes me stoked to be here.  Imagine if you allowed your dreams to be your reality.  

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